On the protest of the Prosecutor General, the Supreme Court dismissed the criminal case against the illegally convicted

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The Prosecutor General K. Kozhamzharov initiated the termination of the criminal case before the Supreme Court against wrongfully convicted Y. Melnikov.

Melnikov was convicted in 2014 by court No. 2 of  Zyryanovsk region of East Kazakhstan oblast for knowingly false denunciation to 1 year of imprisonment conditionally.

By results of studying of materials of criminal case by the Prosecutor General's office it is established that Melnikov wrote the statement concerning police officers on application to him of illegal methods of the investigation being suspected in theft and in such a way he realized the right to protection.

On November 20, 2018, the Supreme Court fully agreed with the arguments of the Prosecutor General and dismissed the criminal case against Melnikov for lack of a criminal offense.